Vetstagram Influencers UNITE

Published on 29 February 2024 at 11:20

You may have seen us on TikTok. You may have seen us on Instagram. We decided to come together and take over WVC (Western Veterinary Conference)! What better way to enjoy Las Vegas? It is so amazing how social media can bring a group of likeminded individuals together. We all know how demanding the veterinary field has been since COVID. So much burnout, stress, people leaving the field, suicide, imposter syndrome and the list goes on. We all try to combat one of these areas with our platform to help the veterinary field stay afloat. This can range from client education, myth breakers, behind the scenes footage, working in vetmed reality, comedy skits, future veterinarian advice and the list goes on.  I just want to say thanks for all you do for the veterinary industry!  The family and love we have for each other is beyond compare! 

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