Making athletes dreams come true 


Roberto X. Rivera

2024 Athlete- Pending




Paul C Sachse III

2024 Athlete- Pending 

Cory Daniels-

2023 Athlete 

Prep covered cost: $1,091

Thomas Voelker

2023 Athlete

Prep covered cost:


Christian Mellett

2022 Athlete 

Prep covered cost: $1,335

Shainne Scott

2021 Athlete

Prep covered cost:


United Athletes was started to make it possible for individuals who always wanted the chance to step on stage for the first time. We all have daily priorities we deal with and not having to worry about financial cost during prep is always a blessing. I remembered my first time getting ready for a show and thought " this really adds up quickly." Being a competitor myself, I wanted to find a way to help out in the industry. So, I started my own sponsorship program. Since, I've had the chance to work with four great athletes. We have been great followers on Instagram for years and total supporters of each other's endeavors.  I am currently looking for athletes to sponsor for the 2024 season. The question is "Do you have what it takes?" If you are interested in becoming the 2024 United Athlete, please submit your information below. Please email filled out submission forms to

Sponsorship includes: (Cost I cover) 

Covers up to 6 months of prep


Full payment of organizational fees

Payment for first show  

Payment of attire needed 

Monthly supplements budget


Please provide the following: Full name, age, email address, organization of interest, division of interest

Each athlete now receives a custom athlete t-shirt. Recent addition has been added where athletes receive a Wolfpak gym bag. Select colors based on vendor availability.